On- Site Training

We can bring Professional Education courses directly to you at your company’s locations   And we can tune and customize coursework and content to meet your specific needs


Partnering with Dolev On-Site Training will provide you with:


  • Consistency – Group based training provides a consistent learning experience to ensure your team’s success.


  • Lower costs – Bringing onsite course work to your organization can significantly reduce both travel and training expenses.


Collaborative, Customized Learning –  Our team will work with you to design course and curriculum work to meet your specific needs. By bringing together group based training, coursework tailored to your learners’ needs, and our expertise, you get a powerful synergistic learning effect that pays off both now and over the long term.

On-Site Courses:

  • Benefits Training for Compensation & HR Managers
  • Benefits Training for employees
  • Excel Courses  
  • Power BI
  • Financial Reports Analysis – for HR professionals
  • Management Development Workshops